Undocumented in source.
auto helpText = q"EOS Synopsis: diff-test-result-files [options] <test-dir> This tool runs diff comparisons of test output files. It is a modified form of directory diff, comparing output files from a test run to output files from a known good outputs (a "gold" set). The primary difference from a normal directory diff is that the gold set may include multiple versions of a result file. A test output file is considered correct if it matches any of the variants. Variants are specified in a JSON config file and are used to support compiler multiple versions. This tool was developed for TSV Utilities tests and the default arguments support this. The one required argument is <test-dir> and is usually 'latest_debug' or 'latest_release' corresponding to the types of test runs used in TSV Utilities tests. The exit status provides the result status. Zero indicates success (no differences), one indicates failure (differences). Options: EOS";